TextArc Poster, First Edition

This is the first TextArc poster, printed in an edition of 1000. The first 200 are signed.

The text is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Overall it looks like the image below. The size is 34" x 23" with a 3/4" gray border. Close up it looks similar to the image at the bottom of this page.

I had the privilege of working (and innovating) with the Stinehour Press, in Lunenberg, VT. As a result, this poster has many of the qualities of a lithograph; including heavy uncoated 100% rag paper, seven spot colors (not a standard four-color process job), our own special duotone process for grays (for a virtually invisible dot screen), ultra-high resolution (you can read the 1/32" type!), lightfast inks, and a rich, calm black background. Here's a description of its structure, interpretation, and production.

They're shipped in a heavy-duty large-diameter cardboard shipping tube. Please allow two to three weeks for them to get to you. Hope you discover as much as I have with this new way to view structure in a text! -Brad

(The color is richer and subtler on the poster, and the words are layered more clearly.)

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